Sunday, 16 November 2014

So, whats this Karma Kitchen Project all about then?

We are 3 friends who all met through Ashtanga Yoga, Denise is an Ashtanga Yoga teacher, and Jo & Jacquie go to her classes. We have all bonded over our passion for healthy and nutritious vegetarian and vegan foods, and of course our love of Ashtanga Yoga too!!

Although we share the same passions, we live in very different food circumstances. We are all the Head Chefs in our families; Denise (a long time vegetarian) cooks for her partner Andy, who is quite partial to something meaty! Jo, who is vegan, has a teenage daughter (aged 17) at home who is slowly coming around to the idea of a vegan lifestyle, and Jacquie tries to make nutritious vegetarian meals for her two youngest daughters (aged 7 & 9) her teenage daughter (aged 16) and her husband, who also enjoys the odd meaty dish - whilst helping her oldest daughter (who has just left home in Cornwall, for University in Leeds) figure out how to cook healthily on a student budget.

We have often discussed cookbooks, and how delicious the recipes are, but wondered how realistic they would be for everyday life! Would it be possible that we could all cook the same recipes for our families and get a good response - would the dishes even look the same?

Well we intend to answer those questions… So, step forward the first Cook Book on the block!! Plenty by Yotam Ottolenghi - let's see how this book fairs in each household :-) Let the cooking begin!!

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